The power and the colors of the nature. The individual power of every element can be found in the design as well as in the manufacturing of every single article of KEJANO sportswear. The focus from the very first steps to the end product is the best possible support of the athlete in all three disciplines. The best and most modern materials are responsible for the performance and the unique designs satisfy the desire for individuality.

KEJANO utilizes a combination of carefully considered design and fabric innovations such as:

TOPCOOL is a kind of permanent wicking polyester fiber with high performance, by taking advantage of the guide way structure of the fiber to drain, and absorb the moisture and sweat on the skin quickly and spread into the air rapidly to keep the surface dry ad comfortable, which has the effect of regulating body temperature.

Coolpass is a kind of profiled permanent wicking polyester fiber with great surface and trenches, by the capillary action of the fiber guide groove structure to transmit or spread the sweat and cooling in the air effectively, it could also absorb the moisture on the skin to keep the skin dry, which could make the fabric more functional and comfortable.

BLCool is a kind of fiber with draining function permanently, which is made by using the concave guide sink in “cross” shaped inside the fiber, principle of capillary to achieve the effect of making the human body dry as quickly as he could and makes bodies comfortable and dry by touching the fabric.

CoolNice is a kind of fiber designed with four-groove unique cross section and permanent wicking function, which is made by successfully appylying the capillary principle to the textile surface structure to make the fabric quickly absorbing, watering, diffusion and volatile. Thereby it accelerates the absorption and evaporation of the wet and dry on the surface of the body to make you easier and more comfortable when wearing. At the same time, due to the high-profiled fiber cross-section structure, which makes the contact area with the skin smaller, you will keep dry and won’t feel stick to your body even in the case of the large amount of exercise, it is the ideal choice for sports and leisure apparel.

Modal is a kind of regeneration of cellulose fibers developed by Lenzing Company of Austria. It is made from beech, which is 100% natural fiber, harmless to humans and could be natural decomposited to be harmless to environment. Modal is also known as the softest and most gentle fiber in the world. The fiber surface is smooth and burr-free to make the calcium in water could not deposte on the fiber, therefore, after being washed several times, it could be still soft with bright color. The fiber strength of modal is much higher than that of cotton and polyester with strong stretchability and is very comfortable to be made into underwear and never remains marks after dressing. The absorption capacity of modal is 50% higher than that of the cotton, which is the ideal personal fabric and health apparel products and good to the body’s circulation and health of, known as the second skin of the people.

LYCRA Lycra is a kind of artificial elastic fiber of the DuOont Company. The fiber is composed of a flexible chain and rigid chain segment, which makes Leica with excellent extension and elastic recovery performance. It can be stretched to 4-7 times of its original length and could be recovered 100%, which is longer and more durable than rubber but ligter 1/3 than rubber. Lycra is called the “friendly” fiber, which could be completely mixed with natural or man-made fibers. It can also make the cloth or garments more comfortable and increase the service life of the fabric or garments. Lycra dress is comfortable and free for movement with better drape and no wrinkles. At present, Lycra has been widely used in garment industry, including thin underwear and thick coats, sportswear and fashion suits.

3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material could help you to be easily visible in dim light or dark night, which could be made into all kinds of working reflective safety vests, fire clothing and athletic shoes, clothing with famous international brands. 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material meet the international occupational saftety regulations, and also could be apply to fashion design and make all kinds of clothes.

Three-dimensional Sewing
Using three-dimensional sewing, beautiful clothing version of type, freely and without cabined feeling.

Sweat-absorbent & Quick-drying
The fabric is sweat-absorbent & quick-drying, which could absorb the moisture and sweat on the skin and spread the sweat and cooling in the air to keep the body dry and comfortable, which could help to regulate body temperature.

Breathable Fabric
The fabric is good in permeability, which could improve garment internal air circulation, discharge the heat and moisture quickly and bring fresh air in to regulate body temperature.

High Elastic Fiber
Fabric consists of elastic fibers, with excellent extensibility and elasticity to make the garment easily fit without binding.

Soft Printing
Adopt soft printing for designs, which is comfortable without rigid to feel and will not affect the fabric function.

Laser Engraving
Adopt laser engraving for the designs, which is in high fineness with neat edge; if it is obscure carvings, it won’t affect the touch and function of fabric. There isn’t any compound materials in it, which is healthy and comfortable.

Bright Fabric
Fabric is light and smooth with soft touch and beautiful and bright colors.

Light Fabric
Adopt light fabric, which is light and comfortable.

Windproof Fabric
It is in good function of windproof, which could effectively prevent the cold air from the body to keep the body warm.

Thermal Propertities
The garment is good to keep warm and prevent heat loss to keep the body warm.

Electrostatic Prevention
The garment has the function of electrostatic prevention, which could prevent electrostatic in day seasons such as autumn and winter.

The garment is washable and not easy to be deformation or color fading.